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As the Western Pennsylvania Diaper Bank (WPDB) continues to grow, volunteers like you are critical to quickly get diapers to families in need. We always need help repackaging diapers, sorting inventory, assisting with community events and organizing your own diaper drive.


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Many of our diapers come from diaper drives and national donations but we also purchase a good number of the diapers that are distributed. In order to do this we need help from you to fundraise. There are many ways to do this i.e. Host a Facebook Fundraiser for the Western PA Diaper Bank, host a Go-Fund-Me fundraiser, visit our donation site and set up a one time or monthly donation. We couldn't do this without your help. THANK YOU!



Diapers a baby for 1 month


Diapers a baby for 2 months


Diapers a baby for 4 months


Diapers a baby for 10 months

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