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Diaper Distribution

Since its founding in 2012, Western Pennsylvania Diaper Bank’s main program has always been its diaper distribution, which has grown to serve thousands of families in three counties struggling to diaper their babies. The Diaper Bank was founded with the knowledge that one in three families struggles to afford diapers for their babies. Diapers are not covered by WIC, EBT, and SNAP benefits, and are still taxed in some states. 


Keeping babies clean, healthy and dry is the heart of the Diaper Bank’s mission and it relies on its vast volunteer and partner agency relationships to serve its community. As part of the National Diaper Bank Network, the Diaper Bank adopted the partner distribution model, similar to a food bank model, joining forces with social service agencies, schools, libraries and churches to reach a diverse population of families who are experiencing diaper need. 


From its Point Breeze warehouse, it supports over 50 partners with monthly distribution, which they then give out to their client families. Each partner chooses their own criteria for eligibility, with financial need being a main qualifier. Partners can choose to distribute period products and incontinence supplies depending on whom they serve. 


As part of the National Diaper Bank Network, Western Pennsylvania Diaper works to combat diaper needs at the state and national levels. It is currently advocating for bills to fund diapers, eliminate sales tax, and make diapers more accessible to struggling families.  


Western Pennsylvania Diaper Bank prioritizes partners who are committed to its mission, serving families in identified areas of need and prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion in their service delivery.


For more information on becoming a partner, please visit our partner information page.


“It’s very important to me to offer as many different things as we can and Western Pennsylvania Diaper Bank allows us to do that. Their consistent partnership is very valuable. Our families find it valuable for sure.”

~SPHS Monessen Family Center

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