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Host a Diaper Drive

Getting Started:

  1. Host a Diaper Drive – How To Hold A Diaper Drive

  2. Contact us to get started – Diaper Drive Host Inquiry

  3. Announce Your Diaper Drive – Diaper Drive Announcement Template

  4. Keep track of what you collect – Diaper Drive Collection Sheet

Helpful Diaper Drive Information

Ways to Host a Diaper Drive

Anyone can host a diaper drive. Hosting a diaper drive is easy and they are a great way to engage your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers in the fight against diaper need. They are also an important tool for educating your community about diaper need and helping give voice to this silent crisis. There is no right or wrong way to hold a Diaper Drive, and no drive is too small. If you invite 5 friends over for coffee, and each friend brings a package of 40 diapers, you’ve collected 200 diapers! Your drive can last for one event or over a designated period of time. Anyone can hold a drive:

  • schools (a great community service project!)

  • social organizations and clubs (book clubs, moms’ groups)

  • scouts

  • youth groups

  • sports teams

  • businesses and business organizations

  • you, your family and friends (Celebrating a special occasion or event? Ask your family and friends to bring a package of diapers in lieu of a gift!)


In Need of Diapers?

All diapers are distributed through our partner agencies.

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