WPA Diaper Bank's

period Project

Through our work with families in Western Pennsylvania, we’ve learned there is a need, other than diapers, that often goes unmet every month.

The need for period supplies is a very real issue. Regardless of what you call it, a woman’s period is a natural part of life but many of the women we work with have gone without buying period products in order to purchase food or other basic needs.

period product need

Period product need, like diaper need, is often not discussed. So it’s important to understand what it means? It means using toilet paper, fast food napkins, socks, paper towels from public restrooms, or using the same tampon for too long because there aren’t enough funds to purchase period products.

Just like diapers, period products are expensive, and many can’t afford to buy as many as they need, or any at all. We’re addressing this issue by collecting donated tampons and pads, and working with our partner agencies in the area to get these products to the people who need them.


2 in 5 people have struggled to purchase period products in the past year Due to Lack of Income.


The Western Pennsylvania Diaper Bank, is honored to join the Alliance for Period Supplies and U by Kotex as an Allied Organization of The Alliance for Period Supplies, to help alleviate this need in Western Pennsylvania. We know that when these needs go unmet, it adds additional stress to families who are already struggling to provide what they need to. If we can help families provide diapers and period products for those in their families then the other resources can be redirected to something else, perhaps to food, transportation, or savings. All of which may help alleviate the pressure of poverty and increase quality of life.

Did you know? 

  • Menstruation is costly. Not only are tampons and pads roughly $7 per box. Several recent articles have estimated the “cost of being a woman” at thousands of dollars over a lifetime.

  • Menstrual hygiene products are rarely donated to shelters and food banks. They are often forgotten and overlooked as being an essential, basic material need for people who have periods.

  • Just like diapers, tampons are not covered by any assistance programs.

  • Without access to tampons and pads, some are forced to use make-shift alternatives and are at increased risk for health complications.

By contributing to our period product need program, you can help relieve someone from worry, shame and fear during that time of the month and raise awareness in our community about the social, economic, and health barriers faced by those living in poverty in Western Pennsylvania.

How Can You Help #EndPeriodPoverty?

If you’d like to help the WPDB end period supply need, there are a few ways you can help.

  1. Host a drive – Just like a diaper drive, you can host a period supply drive! Contact us at info@wpadiaperbank.org for help getting started.

  2. Donate period products – You can donate period products at any of our normal diaper drop off sites.

  3. Make a monetary donation.

  4. Spread the word – Share the information about #periodproductneed across social media. You can visit the Alliance for Period Supplies website for even more information.