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What Does the Western PA Diaper Bank Do?

The Western Pennsylvania Diaper Bank provides diapers at no cost to low-income and poverty-stricken families who struggle to provide adequate diaper supplies for their children. The Diaper Bank also raises awareness of the diaper crisis in communities that may not directly see the despair created by the lack of a basic necessity for proper childcare.

Without diapers, a mother cannot enroll a child in daycare, preventing her from seeking employment and/or education, continuing the cycle of poverty. (Food Stamps cannot be used for diapers.)

Our recent research (US CENSUS Bureau 2012) reveals that 20-30% of our seven-county population consists of families with children living in poverty with an estimated need of 140,000 diapers/day — 77,000 per day in Allegheny County alone! View our Demographic Data details.

Established in 2012 and a 501c3 nonprofit organization, the Western Pennsylvania Diaper Bank is the only Diaper Bank of its kind in the state west of Harrisburg. No other local organization has addressed this specific need as its sole purpose so organizations from surrounding counties contact us for diapers.

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