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  • Olivia Barclay

Choosing between diapers and food—an all too real choice for some parents

Can you picture your life without access to the essentials you need everyday to keep your baby clean, dry, and healthy?

At Western Pennsylvania Diaper Bank we believe that no one should have to choose between basic necessities like diapers or feeding their children. Will you help us support 13,000 families in crisis by contributing to a truckload of diapers? Over the past year, Western Pennsylvania Diaper Bank has grown to serve more families including student parents at Westmoreland County Community College.

Jamaica became a teen mother while in foster care, and struggled to find gainful employment that would allow her the flexibility to take care of her two children with special needs. While working as a health aid, Jamaica fell in love with healthcare and enrolled in college to get a steady job and learn skills to help her children and others. She is currently enrolled in WCCC’s social work program.

Finding out about the partnership between the college and Western Pennsylvania Diaper Bank was a huge relief for Jamaica, who had recently had a third child and was only able to work part-time while she attended school. She was struggling to make ends meet when the formula crisis hit and costs spiked. She had to decide which necessity to buy for her baby. “I’ve been there—a decision no one should have to make, choosing between diapers and formula.”

She now receives monthly distributions of diapers in addition to formula for her baby, saving her an average of $80-$100 per month. She uses the money she saves to put gas in her vehicle, buy groceries, or pay for therapeutic activities for older children.

“This program has been lifesaving at times. Keeping my baby diapered and fed has helped with stress. It's really helped take a big burden off of me.”

Jamaica’s baby recently made the switch to size 4 diapers and she noticed the price increase. “The bigger the size, the fewer diapers you get in each package, so you go through them a lot quicker.” At Western Pennsylvania Diaper Bank, we know that bigger sizes and pull-ups are some of the most expensive and most requested items. It can be hard to keep them in stock. With your support, we can ensure that we have these sizes for parents like Jamaica who need them.

Western Pennsylvania Diaper Bank has an opportunity to buy a truckload of diapers to make sure we can keep up with demand. With your help we can meet the growing need for parents like Jamaica by purchasing bulk diapers at a steep discount. Will you contribute to our goal of $27,454 so we can ensure that families in our region have access to the essential need of diapers? Together we can ensure that no one has to choose between the necessities of food and diapers.

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