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Grateful for Our Partner Agencies!

The Western Pennsylvania Diaper Bank is grateful to support 12,000 families with support from its 54 partner agencies, who distribute directly to families in crisis. One of the partner agencies the Western Pennsylvania Diaper Bank is grateful to work with is the United Somali Bantu of Greater Pittsburgh.

The Somali Bantu are a group of people who were brought to Pittsburgh as refugees from the country of Somalia after spending over 20 years in refugee camps along the Somali borders. They originate from the Jubba Valley and were agricultural farmers growing crops for their families and villages. They primarily follow Muslim faith practices and traditions and are very welcoming and friendly people who desire to know their neighbors in the Pittsburgh region.

President Siraji Hassan likes to use his point of view as a father to ask what his people need

and how he can help them. The United Somali Bantu of Greater Pittsburgh currently serves over 300 families, providing programs that encompass all areas of life including access to medical and career services, after-school programming, translation, a community garden, and basic needs including bi-monthly food and diaper distribution.

Most of the 300 families served by the organization live in Northview Heights, where the new Somali-Bantu office is located. Over 100 of the families rely on the diapers from the Western Pennsylvania Diaper Bank. In the last year, they have received over 77,000 diapers to distribute directly to these families in need. Every other Wednesday, the families, many of who have multiple children in diapers, can depend on receiving a consistent supply.

“Our people are so excited, they know like clockwork when they can get their diapers. They are appreciative and don’t want this program to ever go away. Diapers are very expensive, and in the pandemic they were nowhere to be found.”

Siraji has plans to keep supporting his community with more initiatives in the new year including a job shuttle, daycare, and resettlement services. To learn more about the United Somali Bantu of Greater Pittsburgh and the peaceful community they serve, visit

The United Somali Bantu is one of just 54 agencies the Western PA Diaper Bank serves. Your support enables us to help 12,000 families in crisis. Choose to help by making a donation today at or text: 44-321: CHOOSE2HELP. Your monthly donation ensures we can keep supporting families with basic needs not covered by government assistance.

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